How to Fix BT Email Error 522?

BT Email Error 522

How to Fix BT Email Error 522?

When BT Email Error 522 occurs on your Windows screen, you become unable to send and receive the messages and email. Generally, you will receive an error message as “Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties… 522 your message has not been sent as you are accessing your email over an unsecured or untrusted connection“. Usually, this error code occurs due to an unsafe internet connection, which you are using overseas or abroad. This is a temporary problem which can easily solve with help of the steps mentioned on our blog. We will also discuss the main causes and the symptoms of this problem.

Main Reasons for BT Email Error 522

There are several reasons which are responsible for the occurrence of this email error code 522. They are:

  • Email Error 522 mainly appears when you try to login to your BT email account through an insecure internet connection on your computer.
  • If you are using public Wi-Fi connection or cyber café to sign in to the BT Email, then you may invite some illicit elements to your email account. It happens because someone who has previously used that public internet connection is sending spam emails.

Symptoms of BT Email Error Code 522

Users can experience multiple issues when this email error code arrives on the page of their email account.

  • They cannot send or receive messages
  • Ingress of illegitimate elements on the email address.
  • Spamming of emails
  • Frequent pop-up of email error code 522
  • Cannot log in on the public network due to threatening constituents.
  • Email account can be hacked

Steps to Fix BT Email Error 522

  • You should try to use private and secured internet connection to ensure the safety of your email account.
  • Keep updating the password of your email account to maintain the security of the mail account
  • Remember to sign out from your email account completely to prevent this error code.

These steps will definitely help you to get out of this trouble. In case, you find any difficulty linked to BT email account, you are free to dial our toll-free 1-888-909-0535 BT Email Support Number without any second thought. Our customer support will offer you 24*7 accesses to our tremendous services.

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