How can the user configure email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird?

AT&T Email Setting With Mozilla Thunderbird

How can the user configure email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird?

AT&T email is most demanding and used by millions of users. You can open the ATT email in browsers like Firefox, safari, chrome and get the notification on the desktop of the new message. AT&T is a free email service provider. It also work as the quick messenger also user can watch movies, play games also can watch TV shows, etc. The best part of AT&T mail is that you can access it on your mobile phone and also you can change your mail version in the AT&T email service. Get AT&T Email Setting With Mozilla Thunderbird email support setting. To check your live email version, you have to refresh your inbox.AT&T is very simple and easy to configure with Thunderbird, and it can be used for office as well as home purpose.

The user can use IMAP and POP3 in ATT email, and there is a minimal difference between these two settings:

*Select files then go to account settings

*Choose your email account to update

*To register yourself create a new account

*Choose email settings

*Select POP and IMAP

*Now check your setting credentials

The account setting of POP3 and IMAP settings is straight forward in ATT Email with Mozilla Thunderbird

ATT.NET Email setting of POP3

*Check your Inbound settings in POP3 is 995

*Also, check your outbound settings of POP3 is 465

*In Inbound settings enter your name in the box

*Also, in outbound setting enter your name in the given box

*Enter the password in the provided box

*Put the connection security as Yes in IMAP settings the inbound and outbound settings

ATT.NET Email setting of IMAP

*Set Inbound setting in IMAP is 993

*Also, set the Outbound account settings in IMAP 465 or 587

*Enter name and password is given the required field

*Keep your connection security as Yes in IMAP setting of Inbound and Outbound

Use Chrome Browser for notification.

*Choose and select chrome

*Go and click on chrome settings

*Select and click on advanced settings

*Go to the privacy & settings

*Click on content setting

*Now, choose one of them (such as ask before sending, allow and block)

*Finally last select and done

If you face any issue while going through above-given steps and Email Setting With Mozilla Thunderbird, then contact AT&T Email Support by dialing our AT&T Email Support Number. Our experts provide instant support 24X7. Our well-trained experts offer 100% customer satisfaction and multiple channels for assistance like email support, toll-free number, live chat, and remote access.  

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