How To Resolve OST Synchronization Error In The Outlook

OST Synchronization Error In The Outlook

How To Resolve OST Synchronization Error In The Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most extensively used, efficient and reliable email service used widely in the world. Outlook store and save all its data and information in an OST File (Offline Storage Table). Here the Outlook Storage Table work as the foundation of Outlook and Exchange Server.

Here your whole mailbox data synchronizes via Microsoft Exchange database. In some situations, our users face few corruption and issues regarding related to OST Synchronization Error file. In this blog, I am going to describe to you  What is OST synchronization error in the OST file and how it can be fixed?

What is the Outlook Offline Storage Table ( OST) Synchronization Error?

The aim or purpose of the Outlook OST file is that it permits users to work in an Offline mode or when the user encounter issues while accessing server or the network connectivity. It contains and stores all data which is saved in an OST file which synchronize automatically with MS Exchange Server as the connection is established again. So all the data users get their data synchronized to Exchange Server properly without any extra stress.

In some cases, the OST is inadequate or unable to synchronize itself with your Exchange server and does not allow to update any changes done in its Offline mode. So it causes the severe error for the Outlook users as synchronization of OST file is the main component on which user can depend upon after loss or failure. The primary reason regarding this error is OST file is that it is unable to get synchronized via Exchange Server and produce many harmful and dangerous situations.

How to resolve the Outlook Offline Storage Table (OST) Synchronization Error?

Till here, it is clear that the OST file plays a significant role for all its Outlook users. Now, the synchronization error in the offline storage table(OST) can harm or affect the functionality of outlook very poorly. Hence, users require to fix the synchronization errors in MS outlook by selecting the steps which are given below:

Step 1. First of all ‘Turn on the Cached mode.

Sometimes it may happen that a user unintentionally or accidentally disabled or impair the cached Exchange mode for offline outlook account. So it may results automatically in the OST synchronization error. And to active the cached mode, you need to go through the steps given below:

To begin the processes, you must have logged in MS outlook account and select the Tools and then after click on account settings option from the Menu bar.

*Now click on the ‘Data Files option’ and you require to select the name of the profile which you want to synchronize. Then, choose the option ‘set as default.’

*Here, browse EMAIL option and then select Account Name.

*Select and click on Settings option.

*In the Advanced tab, inspect and check the Use Cached Exchange Mode option.

Step 2: When you are trying to Synchronize outlook.ost with Exchange Server Manually

*, First of all, select the Outlook folder which you want to synchronize

*After that select and click on the Tools and choose Send/Receive  

*Now, pick and click on the ‘This Folder’ option, which synched the appropriate folder.

Step 3. How to SYNC OST File automatically

To activate or enable the automatic synchronization option for all the folders follows the given steps:

*Select and click on the Tools and then select Options after that click on Mail setup.

*Now you have to Send/Receive option and examine the send immediately when a connection choice.


A user can face server downtime, network related problem, and data corruption. So that synchronization of Outlook OST file with its exchange server is essential. If you encounter any issue while going through steps as mentioned above then you can contact with our Outlook Customer Support by dialing our Outlook Support Number and well-experienced support team will provide you step by step assistance to resolve your query 24X7. So connect with us and get resolution on one call.    

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